Every Day with Shri Mataji


Sankranti means something new should happen. The Kundalini is awakened within you and you have become a newer personality than before. But now, on the day of Sankranti, it must be known that the Devi sitting within must be pleased.... Vibrations are flowing within you. Now you must use of those vibrations. You must develop the power within. You must bring the peace within. Then you must tell the world that you have the power within and that is what we all must achieve. With your qualities and word of truth, you must nurture it and enhance it. Today is special because of the special favour of Sun on us today. That is why there should be thanksgiving for that. You have received a lot and will be receiving more, a lot more. We should try to enhance it. You have done so many pujas to Me. I am surprised. After all, what do you want by doing so many pujas to Me? I want that you all should become great Sahaja Yogis and bring in thousands of people on the path of truth. (translated from Hindi) (17.01.2008)