Every Day with Shri Mataji


All the joy and enjoyment of our personalities has become a beautiful painting in My memory. But for a mother, it is very difficult to understand that every day I have to think of leaving some of My children somewhere and going to another place. I wish a day should come when all of us should live together all the time.... It is so nice to enjoy each other, each other's company. Whatever may be the circumstances, discomfort, one does not feel hurt, one does not feel in any way insulted or neglected. It is such a beauty spared all over, such beautiful waves of compassion and love among yourselves. There is nothing more I want, but to see all of you so nicely enjoying each other's company, loving each other, being kind to each other. We have now started in a way that little world where peace, love and joy reside together. Please remember that you have to go much further with it. We have to build up many more Ganapatipules in the world and we have to work for it, in unison and in complete concord with the Divine Forces. I have no doubts that My dreams are all ready visible. (6.01.1988)