Every Day with Shri Mataji


So many names have been described of the Goddess, especially Adi Shankaracharya called Her Raja Rajeshwari meaning She is the Queen of all the Queens. Also for Mother Mary, they have used this title in the West. These ideas have come from the pagan religion and they didn’t come by the description of Mother Mary in the Bible. That shows that there has been lot of changes into the script of holy Bible. Also there has been lot of changes in the script of Indian scriptures, even the Gita. And that is how the derailment in every religion started and the intellectuals took advantage of it and started projecting their own idea, saying things, describing things which were absolutely against the Divine Power. You are all very fortunate people on this Earth that you have discovered the reality and you see that all these things which were mythological are true, all the things that are intellectual are not true, also whatever are used for the purpose of dividing people from each other are not true. Because we believe in all the religions, that is why every religious person, so-called, is against us because you are supposed to believe only in one religion and fight all the rest. If you believe in all religions, that means you are absolutely not religious – this is the concept. And that shocked them, that we believe in all the religions and we respect all the incarnations and that we believe in the integration of all these Deities. (6.12.1991)