Every Day with Shri Mataji


It is for the progeny that we have to work very hard on ourselves, clear out ourselves, make ourselves beautiful people, grow into it, become bigger people with greater vision, with broader ideas, with all our strength and will. My own contribution is zero, I should say, because I cannot contribute without your help. And you have to use that. Like in the water, there is a lot of energy, but one has to use it only by manoeuvring it. In the same way, unless you manoeuvre all that I have, I am absolutely an impotent personality. For that, I would request you that you cleanse yourself, you follow the rules of Sahaja Yoga with great assiduity. Because you are the chosen people of God, you have to do God’s work of the recreation of this new world of peace, bliss and joy. (26.01.1985)