Every Day with Shri Mataji


It is a very good analogy when we say that "You are the light," but the light which you are carrying is very different from this ordinary light. This light doesn't understand. It doesn't think. Now the light which you are carrying is a light which understands, thinks and it gives you that much of light, whatever you can bear. It won't flash. If it will flash, you will be shocked. It won't dim down. It will be absolutely in relation to what you can understand. Sometimes the deities emit too much of vibrations in pujas, I have seen. But if you cannot bear it, they don't enter into you. They trouble Me, but they won't enter into you. So one must understand that what is important is not what you know about this and know about that. It is not so important. What is important is what stage you have reached. At what maturity you are in Sahaja Yoga. (21 1993)