Every Day with Shri Mataji


Unless and until you know your Self, you are not going to know Him. He has placed within you that instrument by which you first know your Self. Once you know your Self, through your Self you know Him. But the first important thing is that your attention has to be on Him. It is a very different thing to have attention on God and to have a blind faith in God. These two things are absolutely far apart. To have faith in God means all the silly things we do in the name of faith. But to have your attention on God is to ask, "When am I going to be my Self? When are You going to accept me as a citizen of Your kingdom? When are You going to use me as Your instrument, O Lord?" This should be your attention. If your attention is like that and if you are really of pure nature about it, it will work out. It works out. (13.06.1980)