Every Day with Shri Mataji


As I have told you many times, God created only one world. Of course, He created varieties just to create beauty, but how blind we are that we think we are different people, we are of different countries, of different races, of different castes, communities, cities then little, little rows of houses. I would say you become from human being to rats and rats to worms and then I do not know what is the situation later. Let's open our hearts. Let's become great. We have to be like lights, not to be small and creepy people like worms. There are many worms everywhere in the world. We are specially chosen people to be something great. So open your heart. That is the main problem. This ego covers the heart and makes you feel, "Now I am an Indian, I am a Christian, I am this thing, I am that." (13 December 1987)