Every Day with Shri Mataji


This is what is Maha Yoga.... All Sahaja Yogis must decide to be collective because, through Kundalini awakening, you cross through, but you also enter an area of collectivity. And if you do not allow that collectivity to permeate into you, then you come down.... There should be complete concord. This awareness comes after Realization and if you do not understand that this collective awareness is the only way, you can stay in that area. Otherwise you get out. You start having your smaller wells and you just go down into them. The more you start to expand yourself, you rise higher... Think "I have to live for the whole. I’m responsible for the whole. I’m responsible for creating a nucleus of a cell, which is going to look after the whole and if I fall down the rest also suffers. I have no business to fall down because I have been resurrected to this point. I have entered into the state of collectivity, where my being, which is the Spirit, is the collective being and I have to stay there." (11.04.1982)