Every Day with Shri Mataji


The combination between Sadashiva and the Primordial Mother Adi Shakti is just like a moon and the moonlight or the sun or the sunlight. We cannot understand such a relationship in human beings, among human marriages or among human relationships. So whatever the Adi Shakti is creating, which is the desire of Sadashiva, is being witnessed by Him. And when He is watching this creation He is witnessing all of it into all details. He witnesses the whole universe and He also witnesses this Mother Earth, all the creation that is done by the Adi Shakti. His power is of witnessing and the power of Adi Shakti is this all-pervading power of love. So the God Almighty, the Father, the Primordial Father we can say, expresses His desire, His Iccha Shakti as the Primordial Mother and She expresses Her power as love. (14.03.1994)