Every Day with Shri Mataji


You must have realized that you are the people who are the men of God and women of God and that you have to be prepared to take this banner of the New Age, of transforming Sahaja Yoga into Maha Yoga into a vast area of spirituality. You are the channels and you are going to generate this energy through you. If you were just channels, then your responsibility would have been much less. But the Sahaja Yoga, it is a very different type of a living process. Perhaps you might have noticed that once you receive your Realization it starts transforming you firstly. Then it starts transforming other people. By your presence, you start transforming others. By your existence, you start transforming other people. You start transforming the atmosphere, the subtler problems of negativity. They all work out like a tree when it is blossoming. The fragrance of the blossom creates a different type of aura around itself that it attracts all the bees around to gather the honey. In the same way, when a person is realized, is enlightened, the aura springs and you start getting people attracted towards you. (16 November 1980)