Every Day with Shri Mataji


We are away from the madding crowd, away from all that nonsense that we have been going through and it is a very, very blissful place. The whole thing fills Me up with great hope that one day we all will be able to fulfill the prophecies of the great saints, who said that later on the great trees of bliss – not trees, but the forests of trees of bliss – will give benediction. And then he also has said that later on will be the talking, talking oceans of ambrose. So that is what he has described, you people. And I saw you moving, all of them, the forest of that, and I said, "This is the bliss walking on the roads here, on the roads of Vaitarna. Along the bank of Vaitarna, the bliss itself is walking, dancing, jumping and expressing its joy." It was beautiful. I wish I could express it more subtly because I think in the meditation one can feel it more and the words get lost, the meanings are lost. They are not sufficient enough to express the beauty and joy of that bliss. (18.02.1984)