Every Day with Shri Mataji


Your simplicity always helps. Your innocence always helps you and it has such an impact – such an impact. I tell you that a personality, what we call in Sanskrit is a "vigraha." Vigraha means a personality which has a coefficience. The person who is innocent has such a great coefficience that he can charm anybody. But, first and foremost thing, is that we have to be innocent, not to so much worrying about money, not to count everything, not to worry about food. But this is not to be done with deliberations, but innocence. Where you sleep, what you do is not important to a saint. He lives the way one has to live because his nourishing point is innocence and he does not get angry. He doesn't shout at people – nothing. Of course, at bhoots it may be that he has to shout like Christ did, but otherwise, he is a very peaceful, joyous, happy, humourous person. (19.09.1993)