Every Day with Shri Mataji


Every year we have birthdays of various people and every year we make a vow that this year I will not do this or I will not do that. This is a very good way of seeing how far we have come in life. Many people who really have achieved a very great height in their spiritual life did not need a birthday, but every day they felt it is a birthday to start, to go ahead, to understand, to learn. Every day is a new year for them. In our own life we see that our surroundings change very slowly. Sometimes it is shocking. Sometimes you are surprised how the surroundings are not changing. But in a subtle way, there is a tremendous change that is happening within us and without. The whole atmosphere today is governed by human beings. I don't know how far Paramachaitanya works it out, but it is for us to open ourselves to new dimensions in our lives... Perhaps, every time, every day you live in the present and you grow, so you forget when and where this growth has taken place. (21 1994)