Every Day with Shri Mataji


We are husband and wife to enjoy each other and to lead a happy life, not to become miserable. All of you are now married in Sahaja Yoga, but maybe some of you have not tasted a good married life, but what to do? That is not the mistake with Sahaj Yog. It is the mistake with you yourself, and a mistake with your wife. So everybody must stand upon the right and lead a right life, instead of wasting energy over quarrelling and fighting. Try to find out why do you quarrel and why do you fight, on what points there are differences. There has to be a difference. It doesn't matter. After all, you are two persons. There has to be differences. But a difference should not create a problem. On the contrary, you must enjoy the difference. Until you are a dedicated wife and you have a dedicated husband, you can never enjoy life. All the time you will be worried and upset. (21.10.2007)