Every Day with Shri Mataji


Nature is so beautiful. Just look at the nature. It is never smelling. It is never dirty. Every leaf is so organized that it should get the sun rays. There is no quarrel about it. They are so well organized, everything. It is so beautiful and it is never destroyed also by any animals. You will be amazed. The animals also don't destroy. At the most, they might eat some grass or something, but normally animals do not destroy any tree, do not destroy anything as we destroy the Mother Earth. For our own use, we use it. Whatever may be the cry for this, we have to understand that we have to respect the Mother Earth. Mother Earth is the mother of Shri Ganesha, who is the eldest Sahaja Yogi. He never had to take yoga, but He is in yoga all the time. He is the greatest yogi we have and the way He is doing right things all the time. He never does anything wrong, never, and He is so capable of getting to the position of any great Deity that is possible. I would say He is the greatest Deity we have and we should really worship Him. Through Him, all Deities are worshipped and are made happy and blissful. (25.09.1999)