Every Day with Shri Mataji


An egg is doing it – without understanding what does that mean. How did we get that symbol, from where? Of course now it is accepted scientifically that there is some sort of a universal unconscious which gives us symbols... So this symbol has come to us definitely from the unconscious. But it must have come to many people so that people have accepted this symbol of an egg or an Easter egg. The symbol of the egg is that the egg is twice born. In the Sanskrit language, a bird is called as a dwijaha. And the brahmin is reborn or twice born is called as dwija... It means the one who is born twice is a bird or a brahmin. So first the egg comes just as a living thing. Egg is a living thing – you know that. Everything that comes into an egg. He is made like that. The bird has to come out of it. An egg is little thing. You know that - fully developed outside, not inside. An egg does not develop after it has come out of its mother’s womb. It is the same, but inside something happens. It grows and the change comes into it. That growth, everything that comes into an egg, is built into it. It is his own right. He is made like that. That’s the way he is made. And the bird has to come out of it. It is made like that. That is what is sahaja. That is what is born with it. Sa-ha-ja - you are born with it. An egg is born with it, to be a bird. For us, in the same way, Christ was born to be resurrected... His resurrection gave us the way for our resurrection too. (26.03.1979)