Every Day with Shri Mataji


Why are you not at peace with yourself? This is the thing one should understand. It is because you are not integrated. Your mind says something, then your heart says something and then your liver says something. There is no integration in your understanding of any problem. Once you are completely integrated, then you feel the peace.… We are all the time thinking, thinking, thinking and thinking so much. Some people really have told Me to cut our throat, but stop this thinking. Especially in modern times, we think so much more for everything. I think without thinking we will be lost and, in this ocean of thinking, we are so frightened with the waves, as if you are in the ocean and there are waves around you and you are very much frightened of them. But supposing, by any chance, you get in to a boat, then you can watch these waves which were frightening you and enjoy them. But supposing you become an expert swimmer. You can jump down and save many. In the same way, it happens. (28.06.1996)