Every Day with Shri Mataji


When we explain Sahaja Yoga to someone we have to talk a little at the beginning because they have not found their absolute. It can be quite difficult and frustrating in the beginning to talk about something that is such a living process of our evolution. We cannot explain how we evolved into a human being. And to explain how we are going to a newer dimension is also a difficult thing.... This is one of the biggest problems of Sahaja Yoga, that today we are facing the futuristic society, which always lives in the future. Explain to them, at this time, at this special moment, "You can get your Realization. This time is meant for that." In the past this was the future. And this future has been predicted by so many, so that future has come now and one has to face it as a present. Every future has to be present sometimes, not imaginary, but the real future that has to face you, which was seen by seers and the predicted has to be materialized. Once you understand this point then one can explain Sahaja Yoga, that this is the time one has to expect their Realization. (29.03.1982)