Every Day with Shri Mataji


Today we have to place ourselves in such a manner that we ask for purity and purity and purity and that we are going to work out this purity within ourselves with full sincerity. We are not going to get into an ego trip and think that we are perfectly all right – no. We are just going to ask for complete purity within ourselves. This is what Christ has given us, which we should achieve. And we should really show that we can achieve that purity within ourselves. Whatever has happened you forget it. You don't worry on that point. Whatever has happened is a gone case, but whatever has to happen is this: you all should ask for purity. All criticism, all hatred and all those things will disappear, plus the purity will give you that unique position that when people will even see your life, they will change. Only by seeing your life, they will change. (31.03.1991)