Every Day with Shri Mataji


Try to introspect.... What are we doing about it? We have ego or we have miserliness or we have some conditionings. Are we saving our lives? This is very important. Instead of finding faults with Sahaja Yogis and Sahaja Yoga, better find faults with yourself. Try to correct it and also to understand the greatness of Sahaja Yoga. You must have that kind of a mind to understand the greatness of Sahaja Yoga. It is not only that I love you, it is not only that you have to love Me, but you have to love the whole world. You have to have concern for the whole world. What was Christ? What was Buddha? What was Mahavira? Any one of them, they were born with that concern. Now you have all the powers. Only what is lacking is the concern and that is what you have to develop. (4.04.1991)