Every Day with Shri Mataji


You have seen so many wars. You have seen so many war pictures. You have seen how people have fought, how they have sacrificed themselves. And let us see what are we doing in this war. Just make your body your slave. Get out of the slavery of your body, of your conditionings and your nonsensical ego. I am sure, as a mother, I am not so bad, but as a father I think I lack some things. Please try to come up, so that I should feel that I did not lack in My fatherly attitude towards you – that awe, that understanding of a father's expectations. This I am not saying to you because it is some present situation because of you people particularly, or for anything which is very, very sort of a present-day problem – none of these things. But is My announcement of this new dimension into which we have to rise. And, as in the war, we have to declare, "Now forward on!" In the same way, this is a declaration in no way to degrade you, in no way to insult you or to say anything about any one of you, but to just infuse that inspiration which led thousands and thousands and millions and billions of people to sacrifice for a greater cause. (6.02.1985)