Every Day with Shri Mataji


Mahalakshmi's greatness is that, through Her power only, the Sushumna is covered by Kundalini. She is the power of our evolution and by Her power only we have risen to be human beings. And by Her son's power we are going to become higher people. Thus the importance of Mahalakshmi is very great for all the Sahaja Yogis because She guides our Vishnu Tattwa to its culmination, to its completion, which is the principle of our evolution. Thus She is a giver of dharma. She gives us the dharma and She is the giver of the truth. She is the one who relates us to our brain. The whole brain system is Mahalakshmi's system, so it is She who exposes the whole of the knowledge as truth to us on our central nervous system. But at the state of Virata, when Vishnu becomes the Virat, the great Primordial Being, then She is called as Viratangana, as His power. (8.09.1984)