Every Day with Shri Mataji


The relationship of the God Almighty and Adi Shakti is complete unison, complete understanding. God Almighty is the spectator. He is watching the work of the Adi Shakti. She is compassion, of course. She does not say that something should be destroyed or something should be killed. She is compassion. But He is the one who takes charge. If somebody tries to do something against the Adi Shakti, it is He who takes charge and changes the whole scene in such a manner that you do not understand how it has happened, how it has worked out. What you have to do is to enjoy the play. In the same manner, Sahaja Yogis should have a unison. You should have understanding, enjoyment among yourselves. If a Sahaja Yogi cannot enjoy, who is going to enjoy life? (9.06.1996)