Every Day with Shri Mataji


Friendship is such that you could share your secrets, you could share your problems. You do that with Me. And why not with each other? It is a question of understanding that Sahaja Yogis are all really friends to each other. I think a relationship of friendship is even higher than any other relationship we could think of because there is nothing to be gained out of our friendship. It never ceases and you just enjoy the friendship, that's all. Then you can pull each other's legs sometimes. You could be a little joking with another person, making fun of another person. It's all right, it's friendship. But this is the purest form of understanding, our relationships with each other. And a friend is the one who is always, for no rhyme and reason, concerned about his friend. Before Sahaja Yoga, you could have only one friend or at the most two. Three meant a crowd, cannot have three persons as your friends. But in Sahaja Yoga we are all friends, pure friendship. Friendship of a very beautiful nature, that you enjoy the joy of another person. In vibrations you do. If you feel the vibrations of another Sahaja Yogi, you really enjoy. (9.07.1989)