Every Day with Shri Mataji


It is a good news for all of you which I must tell you. It is this: now I feel that you all are at such a stage when I say something, it acts on you. You are raised higher. If I am talking about something higher, it becomes. Just now it has happened to you, no doubt, but then you again sometimes come down. So only you prop up yourself and that's it. Just now it is at that state you are sitting, no doubt. It is something good. I could not do that with people who were not realized or just realized. But with people of your level, I can do it and many must have felt in that way that we are there, absolutely there. But again it falls down. So be careful on that point. So it is not a serious matter. It is a thing to be very pleasant and happy that we can all of us do it. It's very great. You don't know, already whatever we have done is very great and we have to do greater and greater things and that is what is very encouraging. (10.03.1985)