Every Day with Shri Mataji


In Sahaja Yoga there is nothing like any position or anything. We have to humble down. This false pride is of no use. We humble down. When we humble down, it is very easy to achieve it and to get this into yourself. After all, otherwise what is it? What is life for? There is no enjoyment. There is no experiencing of what you are doing.... Just as you take a bath in the morning, bathe yourself with the showers of this Kundalini. She is your mother. She has been your mother from ages and she has recorded everything about you.... You have to be collective and it works out. In the collective, you forget everything, your position, everything.... With this then, you can help others. You can give Realizations to others. You can save their lives. I mean, it's all your power that is going to work out. In these days of horrible struggle and all kinds of things happening, violence, very much needed is this Sahaja Yoga. And you will be amazed, it is something of a grace that people get it. (11.03.2000)