Every Day with Shri Mataji


In your life, as Sahaja Yogis, you will see how Mahakali helps you in every way. It is so interesting to watch Her work, how She brings forth all kinds of satisfactions to you. The greed goes away. The temptations go away. The temper goes away. All these things disappear. The most helpful thing She does is that you get rid of your bad habits, absolutely. Automatically, in the light of Mahakali's power, you just do not want anything destructive to be practised. If you have been practicing anything destructive, you try to get rid of it.... She has made you so beautiful, so angelic. She has, by Her corrections and by Her illusions, made you like this so you don't get so much attached to money, to greed, to lust, all these things which are responsible for putting you down. (11.07.1993)