Every Day with Shri Mataji


Sahaja Yoga is not what I say. That is not Sahaja Yoga. What you say, what you talk, you must walk. Because I say so, that does not mean by listening to Me you become Sahaja Yogis. No, you have to practise it. And practising is very easy. It is very easy to practise Sahaja Yoga because it is innately within you. It is joy-giving. You enjoy your virtues and you are so secure, so confident. Moreover, such friendships, such brotherhood, such relationship and this so-called trend of individuality is not very useful because it is against the spirit of totality of the whole. So individuality is all right. On a tree every leaf is different, every flower is different. Everything is different in the nature because it is what you call variety. There should be variety. You should not be dressed all of them like military people, all of you looking the same. There should be variety. That is how there is beauty. But that does not mean that you have your own individual ideas about religion. You cannot. All these ideas must come from within. Whatever are your reactions to outside, should not be your ideas. There should be inspired revelation from within. And if it comes to revelation, then you will find that all of them are just the same. There is no inconsistency, nothing inconsistent. Everything just smoothly moves into one ocean. (12.02.1992)