Every Day with Shri Mataji


You should not be so much conditioned. Keep yourself above, to see what is the truth of every religion, that they all belong to the same principle and we should not adhere to something because we were born in that and we are conditioned into that. It is not a sign of a yogi. A yogi has no religion outside. He has no nationality. He is lifted of all these things. So try to understand that you are a yogi and you need not adhere to these psychological conditionings that are being created in your mind. If you understand that, then you will rise much higher. Because of the organized religions, it is more difficult to get out of it. And that is what we do not understand. We want to bring everything to that which is God and which is being perverted, which is being spoilt and which is being misrepresented. So try to have your own understanding of the whole thing of the past. (13.02.1984)