Every Day with Shri Mataji


I always give the analogy of a spacecraft, like we can say the Sputnik or something, the principle of that. The same is applied to our evolution. The first is one container, which has three, four containers in it. So the first container goes half way and then an explosion takes place and then the rest of it is thrown out. So the first speed, that is the velocity that it has, gets absolutely accelerated and goes with a much greater speed. Then the second one explodes and then the same thing happens. That is how the speed they ultimately achieve is very high up. In the same way, I feel that in Sahaja Yoga is now happening and it is the time for you to know there is going to be another triggering. And that triggering you have to catch up with. For that, you should be prepared, otherwise you will be left in the container which is just not to be used. (12.03.1990)