Every Day with Shri Mataji


We are like a tree, all getting the sap from one tree. Now supposing a leaf falls off during wintertime, what she does is that in between the leaf and the branch they create a kind of a cork and because of the cork nothing can go to the leaf and the leaf falls off. In the same way, if you continue with our conditionings and our false ideas – "I want to have a separate house, I want to have a nice family, to have a car of my own, of my own business" – then you become like that leaf and then you do not grow. So those people who say, "Oh, we are meditating at home, we are doing this at home," they do not grow because they are not getting the sap. You see they are just getting separated. This is the point many people miss and do not understand, that how is it in the collective we grow better and not out of collective.... This is what the point is: they never grow. You may have, but you should always be the collective. (12.10.1987)