Every Day with Shri Mataji


There were nine times when the major incarnations of the Mother of this universe were manifested. They were manifested with a purpose. That purpose is to protect Her bhaktas, Her disciples, Her children. This was a binding love. She could not escape it. Mother's love is binding, She cannot escape it and She has to manifest it, work it out and give that protection to all Her children. This protection in the modern times has taken another form.... In modern times, it has become very complicated as the modern times are complicated. First of all, in the mind, in the lifestyle, in the society of good human beings, righteous human beings, fear of the wrong has entered. They are afraid of their priests, of their churches, of their temples, of their mosques, which are all false. They are not afraid of God. They do not believe in God. They think they have created God and they can manage God. So who is God...? The first protection Mother had to render is from this conditioning. The second one is that of the country.... Then the third thing was the war. (13.10.1991)