Every Day with Shri Mataji


Take My position. Yes, I know I have all the powers. Everything is there, of course. I am supposed to be much higher and all that. "Supposed to be," I should say. But confronting you, I have to come down. I have to fight the way with you, up the hill. Every step, we have to go together, hand in hand. You know that. Somebody's chakras are catching. All right, so I put My chakra into play. It works out. It works out that way, but you know how much I have to struggle, how much I have to work hard. It's a task giving Realization. My Kundalini doesn't need anything. You know that, but still She has to carry your heavy Kundalini on Herself and raise it. It is a very heavy thing. Only a person of real love can do that. That is the only criteria.... It is just the love, the compassion between you and Me, which soothes Me, which covers all the tasks and the labour and the thing that I have to put in. And sometimes it is such a wasteful thing I feel about some people. It is such a waste with them, but still the love that has brought us together, gives that soothing feeling and you feel so cheerful. Every morning you get up with a new fragrance within yourself, feeling so happy about it. (15.10.1979)