Every Day with Shri Mataji


I have started talking about the new culture that we have to accept. In expressing our love, we should not be ashamed. We should not feel shy about it at all. We are expressing our love and love must be expressed. There is no harm in expressing our love. But it happens that in the beginning we feel a little shy. We are conditioned how to express. People will misunderstand and they will think that we are a wrong type of people. No, we are special people. We have to make the whole world. They are not going to make us. We have to create the new world and they have to follow us. We are not going to follow them. We are the makers of kings and we are the makers of queens and we are the makers of everything. So we have to work it out that way. We do not have to bow to their ways and methods, but we have to patronize and look after them when they come to us first. Try to treat them as a father would treat a son and then bring him up, mould them and give them love and make them understand that we are people of a very, very different domain, of a different style. We are absolutely free people and are being entertained by the Divine, are being looked after by the Divine, are being helped and decorated by the Divine. Such a privileged place we have, so let us be of that dignity and of that morality that we stand up to that. How can we do something wrong to insult ourself? We cannot. (16.10.1987)