Every Day with Shri Mataji


You do not know what joy you get when you give Realization to somebody. It is the most joyful moment when you give Realization to others.... You will want more and more and more. Now after Sahaja Yoga, really the want disappears into this desire, that "My God, this man is going, should I call him and give him Realization?" On the street you will feel, "Come here, come here, I want to give you something." And you will make him sit down and you will give Realization. This will be your style. Like mad, you will say, "Oh no, no, look at this, this gentleman is without any Realization, let us give...." I am sure, very sure, that the kundalini within you will be very happy. She is not happy with people who are not using her fully. So She will be very happy to help you and do the needful for the emancipation of the whole world. (25.05.1997)