Every Day with Shri Mataji


To kill the memory of the past is to have new memories. You must remember when you first got your Realization. Always think of it. Whenever any such memory comes to you, you try to think how you got your Realization. Any memory that is troublesome or even so-called elating, you just try to remember how Realization has come to you. When you feel aggressive about something or angry about something, just try to remember how you felt the joy of surrendering. Just think of that joy of surrendering, of dissolving yourself. So the new memories must be built up. If you start building up new memories, then you will start collecting moments to establish other moments which have such memories.... All those moments which were giving you confusion or fear or so-called unhappiness and happiness will drop out and pure joy will remain. Because now most of the experiences you have had are more of joy. Joy has no thoughts. It is just an experience. (26.05.1980)