Every Day with Shri Mataji


Once you start enjoying other Sahaja Yogis and their company, then you have achieved it. I mean imagine enjoying every human being who is a Sahaja Yogi and their company, then it is more than sufficient. What more do you want? You do not enjoy other people. You do not enjoy other things so much. But if you are in a beautiful place and beautiful circumstances and you are with other Sahaja Yogis also, then there is nothing like it. It becomes doubly enjoyable, I should say, and every moment becomes an experience, every person becomes an experience. Like a wave of joy, every person you meet, every collectivity you meet, every ashram you go to, it creates a beautiful wave of joy in your heart. My joy is silent, but when I meet somebody, then it shows itself up. It comes up like a wave or sometimes as you see these drops from the ocean breaking on the shores, beautiful drops ... and then the waves go back to your heart. So beautiful is the relationship and you just watch it as a witness and see the joy. Then everything melts away, all your knowledge so-called, all your pains, all your troubles, all your past, all your future, but you remain in the present in meditation, watching all this beautiful happening. (27.05.1989)