Every Day with Shri Mataji


These are the special times. I call them the blossomtime when so many flowers are there who are seeking the truth. Their fragrance is their love and they had to all become fruits now and this is what is going to happen as these times are very, very important. In all the religions they are described. Then we do not hate anyone because he believes in one religion or another religion. On the contrary, we believe in all the religions. This is the power by which a drop becomes the ocean, an individual becomes the collective. So all your powers that are there are enlightened by this all-pervading power. It transforms you and it has such a beautiful, delicate way of handling everything. The only thing that is needed is faith in this power. Only having love for others and this enlightened love is going to give you whatever you want. And that there is such a power, all-pervading power, there is no doubt about it and we have to just accept it with our open heart that it fills it and makes us a great personality. So there is no competition, there is no ambition, there is no jealousy, nothing of that kind. The only desire is then left that, as I am enjoying myself, let others also enjoy.... The greatest joy is when you see that you have risen the Kundalini of another person and given him Self Realization. That lights up your faces I have seen many a times. Let this love grow more and more. (3.08.1993)