Every Day with Shri Mataji


To love God is difficult without seeing Him, without knowing Him, without knowing His bounties, without getting Realization. It is very difficult, but today that is not the case. But still you have to have no fear in your mind. Trust – you trust yourself and trust others. First of all, try to trust yourself. If you have made mistakes, you have to say, "Yes, I have made mistakes, all right. So what?" Trust yourself that you can correct yourself also. Trusting does not mean a blind ego trip. It does not mean that. Trust means that "Yes, I can correct myself. I can improve. I can do better." Some people think that if you trust yourself, then you should never confess anything that you have done wrong, that you should never say that it was wrong and I can correct. This is a wrong idea. You have to trust yourself by saying that "Yes, I have done mistakes. I have been doing wrong. I have been faltering, but I can correct. I have that strength within me. I can rise above all these things. I have that thing within me which I can use to my advantage." Trust yourself. Trust that you are realized souls. Trust that God loves you, that He has chosen you to be His instrument. Love yourself. (2.08.1981)