Every Day with Shri Mataji


It is important that we have to know the gravity of the Mother Earth, how She revolves with such a tremendous speed holding all of us together to Her heart and then She emits Her beautiful divine love through the various beauties that are surrounding us. Now we can see for ourselves. Especially when I see the big mountains, I feel they are like great saints sitting and meditating here. But they are the only ones who can catch the Guru Principle emitted by the sea. As you know, the sea is the Guru Principle and they are so high that they can catch the Guru Principle. So despite the fact you have that gravity, you are people of very high standards. And you are beyond any temptations, any stupid ideas or any ideas that can pervert or spoil others. You stand above everybody else, stalwarts, as we had very great people on this Earth, I have given you the names. We said that there have been ten gurus.... Now we have so many here sitting down. They are all gurus and they have to behave like gurus and they have to do the job of great gurus. And this is what today we have to see if we can develop that gravity within ourselves and understanding within ourselves. When that peace resides within you, the joy of becoming Sahaja Yogis will be really felt, will be really understood and will be enjoyed by all of you. (31.07.1988)