Every Day with Shri Mataji


To know about a thing, you have to meditate and improve your vision, which should be clear-cut. It should not be something, a vision which is reflecting your particular ideas about a particular thing, but it should be a vision which should be clear-cut. With Sahaja Yoga, one has to know the protection of the Goddess is on top of your head. Nothing can go wrong with you. Nothing will happen to you. It will all work out. I am sure you will get yourself this experience. Talking about Sahaja Yoga like this, you just get meditative. You just get meditative and I feel that one day all of you should become like that – just meditative. And this meditative temperament or whatever is the state, emits vibrations. It emits and creates path for you, for your work, for your life, for everything. You do not have to struggle with anyone. You do not have to fight with anyone. You do not have to argue with anyone. Just try to meditate and achieve a state which I am describing to you, where you get completely surrounded by love and affection. (1.08.1999)