Every Day with Shri Mataji


You all believe that I am Adi Shakti. And you have proof of it. Puja is one of the ways you can have the proof of it much more because when you are doing the puja, My Deities, which are within My Chakras, They get excited and They feel happy and They want to emit more vibrations. And when They start emitting more vibrations, then you are surprised that how, after puja, you get so drenched and you just feel elevated and at a much higher level. Of course, it is true that during the puja time, you feel very much elevated for some time and you can keep it up. Some people definitely retain it. But some people go up and down like a yo-yo. They do not have that capacity to retain it. That is why one has to meditate in thoughtless awareness to keep up that status, that higher status. (7.01.1990)