Every Day with Shri Mataji


In Sahaj culture we are innocent people. We do not want to harm anyone. We do not want to trouble anyone. We are peaceful people and we are joyous people. We have to enjoy our own personality and enjoy our collectivity. The sacrifices that we make here are practically nil I think, but the gain is quite a lot if you develop that witness state within yourself. And that is very, very easily developed. A wheel moves very fast and the centre of the wheel is a quiet centre. If you are on your centre, then you see the wheel moving you don't mind. But to immediately jump on to that centre is difficult in the west because the pressures are too much. The wheel is moving too fast and you cannot take your attention to the centre of it. But if you go to a quiet place where the pressures are not much of time or of any such bindings, then gradually the attention moves to the centre. That is why people go to the Himalayas where there is peace. In that peace, you can reach your own peace better. And if you can establish that peace in your meditation here, then I am sure you can go back, to that fast moving wheel also and you will be on your centre. (7.12.1988)