Every Day with Shri Mataji


Nanaka talked of khalis. "Khalis" means pure, nirmal. Sahaja Yogis are nirmal. If somebody misuses anything, it is shown clearly and a saint cannot be like this. Khalis people cannot be like this, cannot have violence. It is love. It is love which is absolutely nirvaj, without any compensation. It is love that is unlimited. It is love which does not have any discrimination. Like the energy in the plant rises or we can say the sap rises, goes to various areas, as well as to the leaves, to the branches, to the flowers, to the fruits and comes back. It does not stick to one. If you stick to one, that is the death of that area as well as the death of that tree. So we have to understand that all these great incarnations, seers and prophets, all of them came on this Earth on the same Tree of Life. You have to believe in all of them. If you start believing in them, all of them, then where will be the quarrel? (8.12.1991)